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Now known as 'acquisition surveys'

Acquisition surveys were originally called structural surveys, they provide an in-depth inspection of the subject property. These building surveys are generally acknowledged as the most in-depth type of report currently available.

acquisition survey

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Chandlers Building Surveyors use a modern range of building surveying equipment, such as;

Glass measurement gauges
Electronic damp detection meters
Endoscopes for difficult-to-see areas
Laser digital levels
Digital cameras and audio recorders

Chandlers Building Surveyors acquisition survey will;

Determine the method of construction
Identify building defects
Report the probable cause of the defects
Suggest appropriate remedial action.

What is involved in an acquisition survey?

The acquisition survey includes inspection of all accessible elevations; flat roofs, rain water goods etc., inspection of all accessible roof voids, noting roof defects, inspection of walls and floors and confirmation of foundation design from available information.

acquisition survey

A visual inspection of services will be undertaken and recommendations made for further specialist inspections or remedial work. Covers to all accessible inspection chambers will be removed to enable the condition of the inspection chamber and associated drainage to be ascertained.

The acquisition survey report also includes defects that, although not apparent in the subject property, may be inherent in either the mode of construction or the age of the property. Thus ensuring clients are fully aware of prospective problems with the building.

Identifying deleterious materials

Deleterious materials will be identified as appropriate and recommendations made as to their associated problems and how they can be successfully managed. Deleterious materials found in buildings can range from lead water mains providing drinking water to properties, the use of wood wool slabs as a structural member, the use of high alumina cement and the possibility of structural failure. The possible presence of asbestos will also be highlighted and current methods of managing the material provided.

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